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Housing System Navigation

Prior to this course, you are required to complete the Introduction to HMIS course.

This course is specific to agencies that operate Housing System Navigation. Specifically, this course is best suited for providers that work with single clients. This uses a Permanent Housing Project as a model, but the workflow is the same.
This training will cover:
- Recap of Client Creation and Release of Information
- Entry Workflow (Singles or Families)
- Housing Situation and Chronic Homelessness
- Sub-Assessments
- Client Exit
- (Optional) Working with Referrals
Intro to Housing Navigation
- Counts Report
- Reviewing A client from the counts report (Incoming Referral)
Client Contact information
- Attempting Client Contact
Updating a referral
- Entering a client into your project
- Client consent
- Client Notes and Updating
- Exits

  • Navigating This Course
  • Update
  • Reviewing Concepts from the Introduction to HMIS
  • Overview of Assessments
  • Creating a Quick Enrollment and Timeliness Review
  • Quick Enrollment Review (Knowledge Check)
  • Completing the Enrollment: Demographics
  • Race and Demographics (Knowledge Check)
  • Completing the Enrollment: Housing Situation and Examples
  • Prior Living Situation (Knowledge Check)
  • Completing the Enrollment: Subassessments
  • Sub-assessments (Knowledge Check)
  • Updating Client Information
  • Service Transactions
  • DFSS Service Transactions
  • Exiting Your Client
  • Optional: Receiving Referrals
  • Housing Navigation
  • Counts Report and Incoming Referrals
  • Reviewing a Client
  • Attempting Client Contact & Updating a referral
  • Entering a client into a System Navigation project
  • Client Consent
  • Client Notes & Interim Updates
  • Exits
  • Course Feedback Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Introduction to Homeless Management Info...